The Bain of American Retail: Wal-Mart, Part One

OMAHA, NE – Wal-Mart, the largest retailer in the world has been and always will be causing problems in the American economy. In retail, it is the equivalent of Bain Capital, killing jobs and paychecks where ever it goes. Is a corporation like Wal-Mart what we want in our capitalist economy? From unfair wages for women and all-around low wages for all employees, Wal-Mart drains our dollars with cheap products and not giving back to its employees.  This page has a great directory loaded with sites against Wal-Mart.

Wal-Mart’s low prices come at a great cost for many reasons, this has been known for years.  Wal-Mart exerts a tremendous amount of pressure on businesses it does business with.  Many times this results in those businesses moving their production overseas just to keep their costs low.  A big corporation that wants government out of its business, tells other businesses what to do. Like the hypocrisy there?

And if corporations are people, when are we putting Wal-Mart in jail for all its crimes? When will the communities with Wal-Marts get the millions and billions back that this retail giant siphons from their local economy? According to,  Walmart will cost a community an additional $14 million in lost wages over the next 20 years.  No matter how cheap of a product a business can provide, what is the point if it sucks away the money a communit needs to have a thriving economy?

** I know this article is a bit short, but this a just one of many in a planned Wal-Mart series.

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I am a local activist who strongly believes in Progressive policies, principles, values and ideals. Its time to rebuild Nebraska's Democratic Party and to rebuild trust in the system.

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