Rich, Corporate Buyout of American Politics, Fails.

OMAHA, NE – The rich billionaires and their billion dollar corporations spent the billions in politics that they claimed they couldn’t afford to pay in taxes just so they could lose the argument, BIG TIME!!! It would’ve been cheaper for them to have paid their damn fair share of taxes, and not be polluting our political system with their damn dirty dollars!  $6 billion dirty dollars to be exact, from a just a few wealthy contributors. The 2012 elections became a resounding rejection of Mitt Romney and conservative candidates down the ticket nationwide.  I couldn’t be happier. Same with millions of progressives across the country. We dodged a bullet, America!!!

Sheldon Adelson, a billionaire casino mogul spent over $53 million dirty dollars, including $15 million he wasted on Newt Gingrich in the GOP primary, and $20 million he wasted on groups that supported Romney. He also donated a total of $3.5 million to Senate candidates in  Virginia and Florida.  Luckily, all the candidates he supported lost their races.

Organizations funded by the Koch brothers spent over $95 million to help bolster Republican candidates who ended up losing their races, Freedomworks, also funded by the Koch brothers, spent $19 million primarily on Congressional races.  Americans For Prosperity, also largely funded by the Koch brothers, spent $75 million.

Here are some charts showing some Presidential spending from April 2012 – November 2012.

While it is great for Americans that this huge buyout failed in 2012, we must never forget that the fact that the rich could buyout any election from will loom over every election until we fix it.  Let’s get it fixed!!!       Try these sites,

About Ken R
I am a local activist who strongly believes in Progressive policies, principles, values and ideals. Its time to rebuild Nebraska's Democratic Party and to rebuild trust in the system.

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