McDonald’s Crass Act: The Budget Plan For Employees.

OMAHA, NE – A few weeks ago McDonald’s released a budget plan for its employees, a budget that included a SECOND job, but NO money for heat, clothes, child care or gas, and an unrealistically low amount for health care insurance. Who do these people at McDonald’s think they are?  Not only are they admitting their wages are too low to live on, they are telling their employees to just deal, without some necessities of life.  That is unacceptable. In a country that still wants to sell itself as a land of opportunity, McDonald’s crass budget for employees is absolutely unacceptable.

McDonald’s partnered with VISA to create a website for employees to help them with their budget, based on an average $8.25 an hour wage.  The corporation can tell its employee how to operate their personal budget, when will the corporation learn how to budget for more pay for its employees?  Did McDonald’s unwittingly give more credence to the idea of raising the minimum wage? I sure think they did.  How the hell has only $20 monthly health insurance premiums?  Not the few on McDonald’s health plan!

McDonald’s crass act with the employee budget, may have been an honest attempt to help, but it also shows just how clueless the top salary making people in corporate America are when it comes to the problems faced by those struggling on minimum wage incomes.  It is just McDonald’s, there are many large corporations not paying people enough to live on.  The fact is, the same people who oppose raising the minimum wage by any amount already are among America’s wealthiest. Also, wealthy incomes have risen the most of the past decade, while middle and poor incomes stated flat or even dropped in the same period.  The wealthiest one percent saw their incomes grow by 11.2% since 2009.  When it comes to raising the minimum wage, just know corporations like McDonald’s are Corporations Behaving Badly.

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About Ken R
I am a local activist who strongly believes in Progressive policies, principles, values and ideals. Its time to rebuild Nebraska's Democratic Party and to rebuild trust in the system.

4 Responses to McDonald’s Crass Act: The Budget Plan For Employees.

  1. I’d like to see every board member of the McDonald’s board buy themselves and their families for $20 a month a head, and then see if they were still so unco-operative on paying a living wage.

    • Ken R says:

      I wouldn’t mind include the stockholders in trying to do that.

      • You’d have no complaints from me…

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