Corporate Money Bolsters ALEC To Steal Citizens’ Voice.

OMAHA, NE – Conservative groups like ALEC steal the vote from citizens by manufacturing legislation in a one-size fits all type of fashion to forward the agenda of our nations richest corporate entities. Lobbyists for the corporations create bills that are distributed across the Red States where they are predicted to have the best success. ALEC is where and how these bills get passed around and distributed.  Corporations are spending millions of dollars keeping ALEC funded while it strips the citizens’ power away with legislation manufactured solely for a rich corporate agenda.  Through ALEC, the world’s largest corporations work to increase their profits at the cost of your well-being, your job, your freedoms.

“Over the past several decades, one of the country’s most influential political organizations — the 40-year-old American Legislative Exchange Council — was able to operate largely under the radar. Never heard of it? That’s by design. Founded in 1973 by conservative political operatives, ALEC has been successful in shaping public policy to benefit its corporate patrons in part because few people — including reporters — knew anything about the organization, much less how it went about getting virtually identical laws passed in a multitude of states.” 12/11/2013

It is unfortunate how ALEC is getting little attention from US based news organizations, but lucky for us the UK based Guardian has ALEC covered. The Guardian uncovered documents revealing extensive conservative agendas for numerous US states to be done by state level organizations, all spearheaded by ALEC. A broad spectrum of issues is covered, from tax policy to education to pensions to climate change.  The legislation benefits rich corporations at the expense of the poor and the middle class, like decreasing benefits for the poor while giving tax incentives to decently profiting corporations. The ALEC agenda is well funded by some of America’s largest corporations. “98% of ALEC’s cash is from corporations, trade associations and corporate foundations. Less than 10% of ALEC’s funding comes from member legislators.”    ( PR Watch 07/13/2011) Also, ALEC is not just a Koch group, many other rich individuals and their wealth contribute to ALEC greatly.

A website,, is dedicated to exposing all the plans ALEC doesn’t want you to know. ALEC, always swimming in corporate dough, holds conventions every year that cost $2 million dollars each. ALEC is erroding workers’ rights with these type of bills, including negatively impacting pension rights and repealing minimum wage laws. Dozens of America’s richest and well known corporations are members of the organization, including American Express, Microsoft, Honeywell, and Pfizer. ( 09/2013)  Several Corporations in recent years have claimed to cut ties with with ALEC ( They include Wal-Mart, Kraft and McDonald’s.

Corporations use ALEC to lobby against minimum wage increases and other programs that would benefit the middle class and the poor. Over the course of three years, 2007-2009, ALEC raised over $21 million dollars. $6.1 million alone in 2009. (PR Watch 07/13/2011) It is interesting how all those corporations can afford all that money for ALEC and other political lobbying when they claim they can’t even afford to pay their own employees a fair wage?  That’s one of the big lies of the new century, never forget it!

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